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Monday, December 5, 2011

The point of it all.

Sometimes I get a little sappy. Tonight is one of those nights.

Sometimes I ask myself, "why do I write?"

It's not as simple as a single answer, and worse yet, the reason may be different depending on the day. Take today for example. I'm writing The Reverence of One and loving it. I love the cast of characters that have introduced themselves to me. This afternoon I was writing for the purest of reasons. I was writing for the joy of it, for the escape. I think my best work comes when I don't think about it. If I try to make it happen, it never comes out right, that or I struggle through a scene only to rewrite it completely in later edits.

Having written three books that are under the Shadow Series umbrella, I have admittedly felt a little pressure to produce TRO. Ultimately I want to give that to the people, the fans that have given my work a chance and have found enjoyment within the pages.

Hmm...I was getting to a point. Oh yes, the point. I started writing to help me stay level within myself, to find a peace of mind that I wasn't able to achieve through any other means until this beautiful journey began. Somewhere along the way, I decided (consciously or not) to provide that same bit of sanity and escape for others. In making that decision, I have an unwavering desire to please everyone. It is difficult to realize, or to accept, that this is an impossibility. Somewhere a balance has to be struck within myself that will allow for the pleasure to prosper and the frustration to fade. All I want is to tell a story, to get lost in my imagination and literally disappear from the world for a little bit at a time. As a byproduct of that, if others can get lost in that same world with me, I consider that a bonus.

Take care everyone. I appreciate you all.

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